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Welcome Letter From Secretary General

Dear Distinguished Delegates, Observers and Guests,

I am honored to present to you the 60th Year Anatolian High School Model United Nations TRAIN conference.

Looking back from ancient times to the present, it is seen that the world is clearly at a turning point. Humanity may succumb to natural disasters, perhaps it may set foot in the new era, which yesterday was described as "utopia". Globalization, the formation of the new normal and constantly accelerating technological development can take us to places we never knew or expected. The actions of a few people as a result of the arms race may take our planet back to the ancient dark ages, but who knows, it may also be the gateway to the golden age. 

Our planet, our home, our world will be grateful to those who untie this gordian knot while witnessing these great changes. As Marx says, “The more a person is alienated from nature, the more social they become and the more they become alienated from themself.” This is the result of natural dialectics, of course. This is exactly why humanity has always wanted immortality, which is one of the greatest things that we have struggled searching for. Learning from the past and bringing experiences to the present is invaluable.

Today, thanks to the internet, we can access millions of pages of data in a very short time. We are the first true generation of the global world. The internet connects us with the whole world. It is obvious that the period of singularity and vagueness is over. In this age, we have to meet on a common ground as all humanity. No decision is made by one person anymore. The smallest action can have huge consequences for our world. Humanity is evolving into the unknown. I hope that the end of this dark road will be a great dawn. The progress of humanity has always been with strong leaders brought by great downfalls. Here, at this conference, we are working hard to train the leaders of the future. 

Future leaders, my dear colleagues,
In order to shape the future, we have to know about and be aware of both yesterday and today. It is extremely important to balance the past and present in order to successfully complete the mission we have undertaken for the future. Our academic team has worked devotedly for this. They have prepared our committees with extraordinary effort.

We will talk about income injustice with ECOSOC, discuss racism and xenophobia with UNHRC and work with SOCHUM for the protection of cultural heritage. We will finalize “the war to end all wars” , World War I , in the Paris Peace Conference Committee. We will address children's rights in UNICEF and determine the fate of the United Kingdom in the House of Commons. Finally, we will witness history being rewritten with the French Revolutionary Wars, experience the relentless struggle between the French Revolutionary Army and the European Coalition.

Carefully selected agenda items will provide great convenience in order for the negotiations to be carried out in the best way possible.

Being a member of the 60MUN family and first Secretary General of 60TRAIN, I am honored to start a tradition that I hope will continue for years. This community, which I joined by chance when I was just starting high school, was a turning point in my life. I hope to fulfill my responsibilities in the best way possible. 

We, as the 60MUN family, are looking forward to this unique experience. It is with great pleasure that we organize this TRAIN conference in order to educate our participants who will be with us on this journey as future leaders. And now we are reuniting the United Nations. 

As I conclude my words, I find it difficult to express my immense joy in starting a tradition that will last for many years. I look forward to seeing you all at the 60th Year Anatolian High School Model United Nations TRAIN conference on May 6-7-8th.

 Secretary General
Efe Mert Kocakahya